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Mineo's Pizza House

Welcome to Mineo's Pizza House

Mineo's born from the desire to continue even here in Bagheria a long family tradition that even if born in America many years ago, he still roots Bagheria so strong. From the experiences overseas, it was decided almost 20 years ago to open a new reality in our land.

Introduce a new way to prepare pizza and sandwiches was our workhorse, as well as always continue to propose new dishes with the quality.

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Our dishes

  • Supreme Pizza Ortolana

    * Tomato; * Mozzarella; * Bacon; * Zucchini; * Cherry tomatoes; * Roasted Eggplant

  • All Meat Pizza

    * Tomato; * Mozzarella; * Bacon; * Sausage; * Ham; * Salamino